Mukilteo Coffee Roasters

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Introducing the ultimate companion for coffee enthusiasts on the move – our Insulated Carafe! Experience the art of pour-over coffee wherever you roam, without sacrificing quality or convenience. This innovative carafe combines the timeless elegance of pour-over brewing with cutting-edge insulation technology built to withstand the rigors of travel and daily use, delivering a rich and flavorful cup of coffee whenever and wherever you desire.

- Brew Anywhere, Anytime: Unleash your inner barista with the ability to brew pour-over coffee on the go. Whether you're hiking, road tripping, or simply in a rush, our carafe ensures a delightful coffee experience, no matter the location.

- Precision Pour-Over: Craft your coffee just the way you like it. The included pour-over dripper allows you to control the brewing process ensuring a balanced and aromatic cup every time.

- Thermal Insulation: Miir's advanced double-walled insulation technology keeps your freshly brewed coffee at the ideal temperature for hours. Say goodbye to lukewarm coffee – savor the warmth and flavor with every sip.

Elevate your coffee ritual with our Insulated Carafe – a harmonious blend of artistry, convenience, and innovation. Make every moment a coffee celebration, no matter where life takes you.